Pharmaned Robot for pharmacies


We developed a complete new, intelligent robot system. This robot or dispenser could also be mentioned an automatic drawer system. Packages with medicines are stored in this dispenser and will be thrown out in a split second. The assistant simply collect these packages and makes them ready for the client.


It’s a channel system. This means that it’s very fast, very reliable and affordable.


Our preferred configuration is a small system without moving parts! This system should be placed near the assistants desks and contains all the so called fast movers. In most pharmacies you can deliver up to 85% from all your recipes with this robot. This system contains about 750 channels and the dimensions are approximately 2500 x 1100 x 2400 mm (b x d x h).


The robot as mentioned above is a stand alone system. Depending on the situation it could be installed in 1 day. We have experienced that this small robot gives mostly the results that pharmacists expect!


This robot contains of modules, each with about 250 channels. We can add as much extra modules as necessary. It’s also possible to add an transportation system at the robot. All depends on the wishes of our clients.


Pharmaned delivers their robots all over the world. We’re searching for importers in several countries. Are you interested in a robot or to becoming a partner call or mail us!


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